Our Classrooms

Toddler Rooms

Toddlers (12-30 months)-Curiosity, language, and social skills are the focus at this age. Our toddlers are allowed to explore the world in a hands on, literacy rich environment.

Our toddlers learn to communicate their wants and needs through trusting caregiver interactions. As well as continue to develop social skills through our play based approach to learning.

Our toddlers are engaged in learning through books, songs and planned daily activities. Teachers help your child to become comfortable with language and help grow vocabulary. Social skills will begin to grow as your child learns to be aware of
Teachers continue to build on vocabulary by asking questions about stories being read and expanding on your child’s answers. Social skills are reinforced by encouraging the expression of feelings, wants and needs, and teaching self help skills when appropriate
Language scaffolding will help build upon current knowledge to improve language and vocabulary through books, songs, finger plays, and planned daily activities. Math and science will be taught through hands on experiences that will feel like play with a purpose.
THE SAPLINGS A DAY CARE offers after care for children ages: 9 months to 12 years.
THE SAPLINGS A DAY CARE AND ACTIVITY CENTER is organising an educational and developmental summer camp for ages 5 to 12 years. Our 4 week summer camp program allows children to experience a variety of activities that develop lifelong interests, End.